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Payment Options

OK! So you have decided which puppy you want and have asked all of the questions necessary! The next step is to pay for your new puppy!
The following are the different payment methods that I currently accept. Please contact me with any questions at all. Thank you!

I require a minimum $100 deposit be put down in order to hold your puppy, that will be counted toward the total & will hold him/her for one week. I require atleast 1/2 of the total amount to be put down on the puppy to hold if we're holding the puppy for over 1 week. This deposit is non refundable. Without atleast a down payment I cannot hold your puppy. We can get the process started once I receive payment in full OR set-up a time and place to meet. A deposit is highly recommended so you dont lose the puppy of your choice.

Below are ways you can send either a deposit to hold your puppy or the entire amount;

If we are to meet in person, Cash is always the preferred (BUT NOT REQUIRED) method of payment.


My paypal username is puppyprints@gmail.com. If you are to pay via paypal I would require that you add an additional 3% to the amount to cover the paypal fees. To make paying a little bit more convenient I can send you a statement for the amount you plan on sending, just ask. **PLEASE DO NOT SEND AN E-CHECK** E-Checks take a mandatory 3-5 business days to clear. If you would like me to fly your puppy to you asap this is not the best method. Please consider another method of payment or transfer the funds from your credit card for faster payment.

If you do not have a paypal account it can take 3 to 4 days to establish a "new" account, because the accounts that you set up with paypal to have the money withdrawn from has to be verified. In order for paypal to verify the accounts they will make small deposits, i.e.: $.13 &/or $.07. Once the accounts have been verified and cleared you are then able to send full or partial payment.  

Western Union:

Western Unions can be sent either at westernunion.com or at a location that sends and recieves western union. In order for me to pick up a western union I will need the control number, aka, confirmation number that will be given to you after you have successfully sent the money. You can send it to Buehler's Market in Wooster, Ohio (located on Milltown Road). That would be the closest one to my location, that I am aware of. Wire Transfers are instant. After being sent it should be at my location within minutes.

Wire Transfer:

Wire Transfers are completed through your personal banking institution. Please add an additional $15 to cover my bank fees of recieving a wire. I am happy to release my personal banking information via email if this is the method of payment you choose to do. Provided a Wire Transfer is sent in the AM it will be received that same day at my banking institute. If it is sent after 1pm it will be received the next business day.

Cashiers Check/Money Order:

You can get a cashiers check or money order almost anywhere these days. Your Banking Institute, Drug Stores, Gas Stations, Post Office etc, no guarantee that these listed locations will for sure have this convenience but your chances are good that they will have them and be able to service your request. If you would like to get your puppy asap I would recommend overnighting the cashiers check or money order.