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I have so many people ask me about some of the newest and hottest bulldog crosses! What is there temperament? Disposition? Training? What do they look like? How are they with children? Cats? Exercising? The list continues. So! What I did was contact a few of my past bulldog cross customers and asked them about their, now adult, bulldog cross. There are several different variations of the bulldog cross so be sure to consider each & everyone before purchasing! There are 50/50 beabulls, 3/4 beabulls, puggle/bulldogs, 3/4 puggle/bulldogs, boston/bulldogs, boxer/bulldogs, french/english bulldog cross, etc.
I hope this helps your decision in purchasing a new puppy. Thanks for looking!

(this email update was sent in February 2011, to view his pics please click her : http://saltybay22.tripod.com/puppy_pics/) Kristen, Its been almost two years since I purchased my puppy from you and could not be happier! I've been meaning to give you an update, but time sure flies by! The puppy was born May 5 2009 and I picked her up from you at the end of June. A little girl Beabull puppy. I named her Maeby, after the show "Arrested Development." She immediately got along with my parents' Cockapoos when we brought her home. Then I took her back to Columbus with me, which was quite an adjustment for her. The noise of traffic and neighbors seemed to startle her at first, but she grew confidence. She also was quite stubborn about not wanting to walk, but after a few short weeks, she was a pro! Potty training also took a bit of time. I try to take her to the park everyday, if not several times a week. Sometimes it'll be a local park where she is very diligent at playing fetch. I don't have to worry about having her off the leash! Most times, we will go to the local dog park where she loves mixiing it up with the other pups including her best friends, an American Bulldog and another Beabull! She also loves swimming at the lake in the summer! I've never seen any agression, but she does become a little possessive with toys and sticks. That is just her stubborn bulldog side showing! She knows sit, down, and stay. She is not a big fan of her paws being touched, though. Her worst habits were tearing apart her soft toys and couch cushions (when left alone), but now we just give her bones to chew. Also, she has has no health problems! What I love most about her is her loyalty. She will always follow me or my roomate around the house and she will stand guard at doorways or beside us. Not to mention, she is the cutest thing alive! I constantly get compliments about her features and great demeanor. Attached are a few pictures of Maeby throughout the years. Thank you so much!


"Charlie is just a little over a year old and a bundle of energy!!  He loves going to the dog park and socializing with other dogs.  He is super smart!! He learned tricks like shake and rollover by the time he was 10 weeks old.  Charlie was the perfect addition to our family!" , Kasey


Charlie as a puppy


Charlie as a puppy


Charlie as an adult


Hey Kris,
This is Brian from Georgia. I purchased a Beabull from you back in May of 2007.  I have not spoken with you since then but I wanted to let you know he has been the most incredible dog I could have ever imagined.  Every time I take him on walks I always get stopped by someone (even in a car) who asks me what kind of dog he is.  Franklin (the beabull) has been such a blessing in my life.  He is the calmest dog.  He has not ever tried to bite me or any other dog.  He is always wanting to play with someone but knows how to rest.  Some mornings I'll leave for class and he won't even want to get up because he's still sleepy. The only time he ever barks is if he's playing.  Unlike other dogs, he never barks when somoene knocks at the door or rings it.  I could honestly ramble all day telling you about Franklin, but I just wanted to let you know he is doing awesome! Once again, THANK YOU so much.  I have enclosed a few pictures of him to let you know how he's turned out !
(in case other people want to know what Beabull's look like full grown).  He is every bit of 45 pounds.  He doesn't look very big but he is "meaty".




pics are coming soon!

"Just as some side info about her, she now weighs about 35-40 pounds, is as strong as an ox, a social butterfly and everything I could have possibly hoped for.  The best part is she hasn't lost those bulldog wrinkles she had as a puppy.  I've attached a few pictures of her from when she was a puppy until she turned one in April 2008.  I hope this helps and if you would like more I have about a million pictures of her so feel free to ask.
Take care,"
-- Brian


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Penelope at 11 weeks


Penelope at 11 weeks


Penelope at 12 months old


Penelope at 3 months old


Penelope at 4 months
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Hi Kris-
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get a puppy!  You sent Noah (the beabull) to me on Dec. 23rd and we have been so happy with him.  You made getting him so easy and worry free!  He is a perfect addition to our family!  If you would like some pictures of him to post on your website, or if I could write any sort of testimonial for you, I would be happy to help!
Thanks -
Cory Wilson



Email sent from customer that purchased a beabull in Jan of 07:
"I was just looking around on-line and I saw you had some info on Beabulls, so I thought I would send you an update...I bought Kaley, know Chloe from you back in early 2007. She is absolutely adorable and the perfect addition to our family. She is wonderful with kids and she is just the most friendly dog. She has a sweet and lovable disposition and she can be stubborn at times too, but that is part of her cuteness :)).
She loves to sleep, eat and play!
She does not drool like a bulldog, she does not have ear problems like the beagle, she is a wonderful healthy 45lb. Beabull!
Anyway, thank you again for my baby girl and here are a few updated photos of her." (TO SEE UPDATED PICS OF CHLOE SEE PAGE 2 OF HTTP://SALTYBAY22.TRIPOD.COM/PUPPY_PICS/ )

To view more pics of past customers' puppy's please click me!

This email was sent from Dan on October 14th, 09. The day after he received his new puppy Ticker, a male puggle/bulldog! 

Good Morning Kris!
I just wanted to shoot you an e-mail this morning to let you know how happy we are with Ticker! Everything went very smooth at the airport pick up last night, we were there waiting for him when he got off the plane we showed our ID signed a slip and we were on our way. Very quick and very easy! When we arrived home he was a little reluctant at first to explore his new home but once he got comfortable he was running everywhere and followed us around everywhere we went and every move we made. He had a little bit of trouble getting to sleep last night at first he was whimpering a little bit so we brought him up on the bed and spent the rest of the night sprawled out next to me with out so much as a peep... a snore or two maybe but that's it lol. We went out this morning for a walk around 5am or so because he was becoming a little restless, or maybe its the jet lag... who knows :) once he finally braved the cold weather he went to the bathroom and had a nice little walk, we were such proud parents! He seems to have become very attached very quick... as have we! We are so grateful for all of your help and dedication to getting Ticker to us and making the process as easy and stress free as possible! As you could probably tell in the beginning of this process I was a little uneasy and untrustworthy of making a deal like this long distance, but you made me feel very comfortable and confident and made everything go off without a hitch... Once again thank you sooo much we couldn't be happier with Ticker and hopefully he feels the same way. As I said earlier please feel free to use me as a reference on your website, you have my name and both my number and e-mail, I am more than willing to give great reviews and praise for all of your helps. Thanks again and have a great day!
Warm regards,
Dan B

Sent from Asia, South Carolina on November 10th, 09
Purchased a male beabull puppy in October, 09
"I just wanted to thank you so much for making everything so easy for purchasing our puppy. He is getting along very well with us and his new brother. We named him Mac to match his brother Diesel. They both are built like trucks so we thought it appropriate. He is a fast learner and we are very happy with him. Thank you so much. I am attaching some pictures for you. "
View pics on page 3 on my other site, http://saltybay22.tripod.com/puppy_pics/

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